OPERTIS cylinders - universally deployable

For applications in the classical security area.

The cylinders stand out through the simple and quick installation in profile cylinder locks. The modular lengthening of the cylinders in the eLOCK eXpert and eLOCK eXpress systems offer particular flexibility. 

They can be delivered pre-configured or can be configured or retrospectively modified directly at the installation site. Depending on the system requirements, different cylinders are available as locking, knob and half-cylinders, with single-sided or double-sided authorisation checks. 

The battery-operated eLOCK cylinders are suitable for installation in doors with profile cylinder locks and are approved for use with fire-protection doors. 

Electronic knob cylinders

Foto of double knob cylinder before installation

Double-knob and half-cylinders are available in the Euro profile. With the eLOCK eXpert and eLOCK eXpress systems, you can also have versions for emergency exit route doors as well as versions with SKG certification and for the Swiss round profile. 

eLOCK eXpert | eLOCK eXpress | eLOCK EM

IDS knob cylinder

Foto of knob cylinder before installation

Double locking comfort. The intrusion detection system (IDS) is automatically armed/ disarmed when opening and closing the door.

eLOCK eXpress

Electronic locking cylinders

Foto of electronic locking cylinder before installation

Cylinders with inside knob and keyway on the outside. The electronic locking cylinder is operated like a mechanical cylinder on the outside. It is optionally available as a version for emergency exit route doors.