Corporate Policy

Increasing digitalisation and internationalisation are leading to ever greater competition on the traditional markets. The necessary development of a unique selling proposition is therefore essential for the survival of more and more companies.

Protection of this unique selling proposition begins with comprehensive security management for the company building. In addition to demand-oriented access control, this also includes the bundling of other security equipment such as fire alarm technology, video technology and intrusion detection systems. A combination of comprehensive security management and time recording results in future-proof solutions. Risk management develops the corresponding risk scenarios and the appropriate countermeasures.

Customer orientation

With this holistic approach, we want to support our customers in facing the challenges of the market better. We want to be the competent partner for comprehensive system solutions in security management. In addition, we focus our activities on the lasting satisfaction of our customers. Our innovative solutions and customer-oriented services set us apart from the competition. In this way, we create the economic prerequisites for meeting the requirements for quality, safety, health and environmental protection. Through responsible handling of the information entrusted to us, together with the demonstrable provision of the agreed services, we create the basis for long-term cooperation. Risk management develops the corresponding strategies and objectives to secure access to customer facilities, to time recording, to customer data, passwords and servers.

Products, service and innovations

We recognize the demands of the market by understanding our customers, developing innovative products, services and processes and consistently utilizing scientific progress. We concentrate on the competences we have perfected over the last years. Through regular communication, we ensure customer-oriented service delivery. High security measures ensure optimal protection of our intellectual property. Risk management supports the development departments with access questions, passwords, admin rights and the protection of the development servers.


The know-how of our employees is our most valuable asset. We continuously invest in training and further development and thus improve our knowledge, our products and our plants. Appropriate documentation of the knowledge acquired ensures that it is disseminated among all employees, and appropriate safety measures are in place to counteract any outflow. Consistent training of the employees on information security management and data protection refers to the sensitive use of customer data and the company's own development values.


We define quality as an absolute measure of the alignment of our company’s product and service characteristics. The market success of our products and services is therefore closely linked to their quality and is directly related to the endeavour to meet customer requirements. This demand obliges all employees to avoid mistakes and to eliminate sources of error consistently. Quality is therefore an ongoing process that includes the entire corporate culture and affects every employee, forms goals and strategies and thus protects the environment and ensures customer satisfaction. Risk management considers the procurement markets and thus ensures the high demands on our products and the availability of raw materials and components.

Environmental management

We are committed to avoiding environmental pollution and conserving resources. And we are committed to the ecological and economic interests of our business locations. Our product and process development is guided by the principle of high environmental responsibility. In the spirit of sustainable development, we are concerned with minimizing the use of materials and energy, as well as our waste, and consider the service life of our products and commit ourselves to continuous improvement of the environmental management system. Risk management ensures that products are procured sustainably and in compliance with ROHS and REACH criteria. At the end of their service life, the products are sustainably and safely recycled or disposed of professionally. Binding obligations are identified and met. These are regularly compared with the legal register.


Motivation and communication are inextricably linked. Therefore, we strive for the highest possible level of information for our employees, because only those who know the overall goal and the way to it can optimally align their own actions with it. We seek an open exchange of information with the authorities and thus solve our tasks cooperatively. Compliance with laws, ordinances and official regulations is an absolute premise for us. Even beyond the legal framework, we assume responsibility for our employees, society and the environment. In the event of a crisis, our Business Continuity Management ensures that communication with all parties involved takes place quickly and effectively.


Continuous improvements maintain our lead in all areas. They enable our economic survival and growth by improving productivity and reducing costs. Every employee has the responsibility to identify opportunities for improvement and to actively participate in their implementation. We pursue the strategy of error avoidance and prevention in quality, information security, occupational safety and environmental protection, as well as the principle of continuous improvement. We regard order and cleanliness as essential principles. Because we at primion safeguard the values of companies, our risk management is designed to ensure that the hazard situation is continually reviewed. The PDCA cycle ensures that our services are continually improved.

Integrated management system

We maintain with great conviction an integrated management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality), DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental protection), DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001 (information security) and adhere to OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety). These enable an efficient and effective control of the company via quality, environmental, work and information safety objectives. The company management is committed to maintaining, further developing and improving the integrated systems DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001 (especially with regard to confidentiality, availability and integrity of information) and ISO/IEC 20000-1. The primion risk management system ensures that our integrated management systems interlock neatly and that the potential risks for employees, customers, society and the company are reduced to a minimum.

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