eLOCK – Intelligent and efficient locking

eLOCK eXpert for mid-sized and large locking systems

is an Access on card system. The assignment, modification or removal of locking authorisations is done with eLOCK eXpert without having to go to each door, even in the offline system. Authorisation data is simply stored on the transponder. The transponder is programmed through the NFC interface at the PC or tablet or at a wall-scanner terminal. The programming of the door components is done through an NFC stick. The modular software is simple to operate and offers economically priced licensing models. 

At a glance: 

  • Flexible assignment of authorisations and time zones
  • Simple deletion and replacement of lost transponders
  • Windows-based software for installation on server, PC and tablet
  • Alternatively, the door components can be programmed using a ToDo card.
  • Based on the RFID - 13.56MHz - MIFARE® DESFire® transponder technology
  • Optional logging of access movements 
  • Flexibility through modular cylinders
  • Online transponder updating

eLOCK eXpress for small to mid-sized premises

The locking system is tailored to meet individual requirements and is characterised by the ease of handling.

At a glance: 

  • Based on the RFID - 13.56MHz - MIFARE® transponder technology
  • Locking system administration through a Windows PC and/or tablet 
  • Networking of the PCs and tablets is not necessary
  • Door components and transponders are programmed through an NFC stick
  • Alternatively, the door components can be programmed using a ToDo card
  • Individual assignment of time profiles at each door
  • Optional logging of access movements
  • Free software
  • Flexibility through modular cylinders
  • Intrusion detection system (IDS) can be armed directly through the knob cylinder

eLOCK EM, for locking systems using EM transponder technology

The comprehensive, economical solution, particularly for large locking systems. eLOCK EM offers high levels of comfort through the programming of the transponders directly at the PC or through the decentralised wall scanner terminals. eLOCK EM secures both sites and buildings reliably against unauthorised access, it simplifies the organisation of the building and noticeably increases cost efficiency.

At a glance:

  • Flexible assignment of authorisations
  • Simple deletion and replacement of lost transponders/keys
  • Problem-free expansion of the locking system is possible
  • Assignment of time zones
  • Logging of access movements
  • Central administration and control of complex locking systems
  • Based on the RFID - 125 kHz - EM transponder technology