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1. Software eLOCK  
Software Downloads, Updates and Upgrades The OPERTIS software is available for download here: eLOCK eXpert software download   |   eLOCK eXpress software download   |   eLOCK EM…  
2. System administration  
eLOCK System Administration - Access Authorisations Always in View Alongside the door components and transponders, the system administration is one of the significant components of an OPERTIS…  
3. Solutions  
Cylinders For all applications in the classical security area System administration All access authorisations visible at a glance, at all times Comfort System Intelligent electronics adapt…  
4. Legal Imprint  
Legal Imprint Information in accordance with §5 TMG OPERTIS GmbH Lütersheimer Str. 20 34471 Volkmarsen Germany OPERTIS GmbH is represented by the Managing Director: Jorge Pons Vorberg …  
5. Cylinders  
OPERTIS Cylinders are Universally Deployable eLOCK Cylinders for applications in the classical security area The cylinders stand out through the simple and quick installation in profile cylinder…  
6. Wall scanners  
Wall Scanners in the eLOCK Range - Doors Open Automatically Automatic doors, car park barriers, elevators or electrical door openers need an automatic control mechanism. In the eLOCK range, wall…  
7. eLOCK system  
Close Safely and Reliably With the eLOCK System eLOCK eXpert for mid-sized and large locking systems eLOCK eXpert is an access on card system. The assignment, modification or removal of locking…  
8. About OPERTIS  
Customised Locking Systems for Every Property Development, production, sales OPERTIS GmbH has decades of experience in the development, production and distribution of electronic locking systems.…  
9. Corporate Policy  
Corporate Policy Increasing digitalisation and internationalisation are leading to ever greater competition on the traditional markets. The necessary development of a unique selling proposition is…  
10. Service / Support  
Support for Questions About Our Electronic Locking Systems Technical Support Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Phone: +49 5693 23397-10  …  
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