Hotels and office buildings

Hotel Lichtenegger

  • Series: OPERTIS eLOCK EM
  • Application areas: External doors, guest room doors, Wellness area, elevators, emergency exit routes
  • System administration: ES7700 Programming equipment Professional
  • Wall scanners: 1 x ES7419U and cover for the elevator
  • Cylinders: 97
  • Credentials: 120 cards(ES7910BEK) and 30 key fobs (ES7940)

Contura MTC GmbH

  • Application areas: Offices and production hall
  • Products: Knob cylinders, transponders
  • Service partner Ernst Reppel & Co.


Restaurant Kupferberg terraces

  • Series: OPERTIS eLOCK eXpress
  • Application areas: Restaurant
  • Products: Knob cylinders, transponders
  • Service partner: Markus Klug Wiesbaden

OBC Suisse Zürich

  • Application areas: External doors, storey doors, office doors, conference rooms, elevator
  • System administration: eLOCK Center Enterprise
  • Double-knob cylinders: 2
  • Comfort systems: 80
  • Wall scanners: 8
  • Wall scanner terminals: 2 in both locations at Zurich and Basel These give the option of administering transponder cards centrally and also being able to programme them or modify them at any time locally.
  • Credentials: 300
  • Service partner: ENEXA AG Kloten