Care homes and sheltered housing

GDA Wohnstift Hanover

  • Series: OPERTIS eLOCK EM and OPERTIS ES5000plus
  • Software: eLOCK Center Enterprise 
  • Installation: Multi-user installation with a central database at the main administration offices in Hanover
  • System administration: Decentralised, in-house by the individual homes
  • Clients: 6 (5 eLOCK EM, 1 ES5000plus)
  • Wall scanners: Online Plus
  • Cylinders:  1,900
  • Credentials: 2,600 as keys
  • Service partner: Adolf Garbe GmbH & Co. KG

Klinikum Neuperlach

  • Series: OPERTIS ES5000 and ES5000 plus
  • Application areas: Office doors, plant rooms, fire protection doors, elevators (calling elevator, floor activation), operating theatres
  • System administration: eLOCK Center Professional
  • Locking cylinders: 800
  • Wall scanners: 50 compact wall scanners
  • Credentials: 1,500 identity keys
  • Service partner: Wilhelm Gropp GmbH

Kolping Altenpflege, Vienna

  • Series: OPERTIS eLOCK EM
  • Application areas: Office area, storage area, living units (mother & child area), external doors, plant room doors, drugs cabinets
  • System administration: eLOCK Center Enterprise
  • Locking cylinders: 166
  • Comfort systems: 15
  • Half cylinders: 28
  • Credentials: 150 identity keys
  • Service partner: TECHSEC GesmbH   

Centre for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Series: OPERTIS eLOCK eXpress
  • Application area: Consulting rooms
  • Products: Knob cylinders, transponders
  • Service partner: Königsteiner Schlüsseldienst, Rugiero GmbH