Why Security is so Important in Care Homes

Security includes the prevention of manipulated access and potential security breaches as well as the exact documentation of access rights.

 Toegangscontrole voor verzorgingshuizen

Lack of or inadequate security and the resulting hazards can cause great harm in care homes. A suitable security system in a nursing home is a great challenge, as it has to fulfil a multitude of complex requirements and legal regulations. This is because, in addition to the greatest possible security for patients, the preservation of privacy is also crucial, so that safe and individualised access to the patients' private rooms is guaranteed. Mentally ill residents in particular are at increased risk, as they may unknowingly enter dangerous areas or even leave the building. This requires a sophisticated security management that takes into account all aspects in the nursing home and at the same time does not restrict the privacy of the residents. Optimal security requires both the prevention of manipulated access and potential security breaches as well as the exact documentation of access rights and procedures. The solution is the intelligent access control system from primion. The prime WebAccess access control system from primion makes it possible to control all areas and people, while maintaining the privacy of the residents. Efficient access control provides a specific solution for care homes, guaranteeing maximum security and optimising operational processes.

How access control systems work in nursing homes

Security in nursing homes is of great importance due to the residents in need of assistance. An access control system must ensure the highest level of security and also take into account legal regulations, such as escape routes or data protection. Patients as well as staff have high expectations of an access control system, which should guarantee both the security and the personal rights of the individual. For nursing homes, theft and unauthorised access, among other things, pose potential risks.

In order to meet the specific requirements in a nursing home, the implementation of a reliable access control system is necessary. A modern access control system is used to monitor the relevant areas and to assign access rights to persons to all areas and premises such as private rooms, visitor areas or offices. With an access control system, access rights for persons and rooms are quickly managed so that unauthorised persons are denied access to certain areas. This is particularly relevant, among other things, for medication storage or access to personal patient data, in order to ensure patient safety and compliance with data protection regulations. Security can be additionally increased by securing the entire premises. Intelligent access control therefore not only enables the privacy of the occupants to be maintained, but also for greater security and efficiency.

Access control systems from primion

With prime WebAccess from primion, it is possible to meet both the specific security requirements in a nursing home and to maintain the privacy of the residents. The sophisticated access control system from primion is used to monitor all areas and the movement of people. Access control ensures accurate documentation of access rights and events, while the user-friendly display also makes it easy to flexibly manage the access rights of residents, staff or visitors. In addition, access control allows temporary changes to access authorisations so that, for example, patients are no longer permitted to leave the building at certain times. The efficient prime WebAccess software from primion is the optimal software solution for the special requirements of nursing homes, providing the highest level of security and flexibility. To guarantee optimum protection, it can be combined with the prime WebTime time recording software. The implementation of pSM with access control, building and fire protection technology or video surveillance represents a comprehensive solution in the area of security.

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