eLOCK eXpert: Access-on-Card for Housing Construction

The protection of people and assets also plays a major role in municipal or cooperative housing construction.

eLOCK eXpert Access-on-card systeem

Locking systems for entrance and flat doors must be easy to operate and maintain, but must not usually place an excessive burden on the budget. With the eLOCK eXpert electronic locking system, OPERTIS is expanding its range of sustainable locking systems with an efficient and cost-effective access-on-card system.

With eLOCK eXpert, consistent object equipment is ensured. Cylinders, locks and wall readers are available for different doors. Assigning or changing as well as revoking locking authorisations is very simple in the offline system. The authorisation data is stored on the transponder; the transponders are programmed via the NFC interface on the PC, tablet or a wall reader terminal. All that is needed to program the door components and transponders is an NFC stick. Expensive programming equipment is not necessary. This considerably reduces the initial costs for an electronic locking system.

The signalling of authorised or unauthorised access attempts or system messages takes place via light and sound signals, which can be optionally activated or deactivated individually. This 2-senses principle enables use even with impaired eyesight or hearing.

The various door components are operated by means of the latest reading technologies of the MIFARE® DESFire® type. Existing transponders can be used as well as the MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 8K transponders offered by OPERTIS. The software also offers favourable licensing models. It works modularly, i.e. only the required functions and licences have to be activated. Further functions can be activated at any time.

eLOCK eXperteLOCK systeemAccess-on-card
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