Wall scanner

Wall scanner - Doors open automatically

Automatic doors, car park barriers, elevators or electrical door openers need an automatic control mechanism. In the eLOCK range, wall scanners are available for these applications. Power is supplied directly from the main power circuit through an external power supply unit or in the case of the eLOCK eXpert and eLOCK eXpress systems, PoE (Power over Ethernet) is also an option.

Connection to the system administration software is done offline or online (eLOCK eXpert and eLOCK EM systems). In online operation, the wall scanner can also be extended to include terminal functions for transponder programming and can be integrated into commonly-used products from the switch manufacturers Gira, Merten, Jung and Berker and into Siedle entryphone systems.

Cover plates

For covering eLOCK wall scanner control units and antennas; dimensions 80 x 80 mm (standard) or 55 x 55 mm, for use with commonly-used switch ranges. 

eLOCK eXpert | eLOCK eXpress | eLOCK EM

Compact wall scanner

Wall scanner controller/controller with internal antenna. For flush or surface mounting. With the additional option of the connection of external antennas.

eLOCK eXpert | eLOCK eXpress | eLOCK EM


Wall scanner controller / controller for the connection of external antennas. For flush, surface or mounting rail installation.

eLOCK eXpert | eLOCK eXpress | eLOCK EM


For direct connection to an OPERTIS eLOCK wall scanner controller / controller. For interior and exterior deployment. Versions are also available for installation with OPERTIS covers and for installation in Siedle entryphone systems.

eLOCK eXpert | eLOCK eXpress | eLOCK EM